We fundamentally believe that business must be a force for good and strive to make social responsibility and sustainability an integral part of our business - with a keen focus on health, safety and environment. We believe this creates added value for all our stakeholders and provides the foundation for our society's future.


JAYCEE is deeply committed to social responsibility and sustainability. We follow the three pillar approach - people, environment and communities - within our business strategy, because we believe it creates added value for all our stakeholders and provides the foundation for our society's future.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) is our top priority. We strive to continually improve our safety performance and ensure the well-being of all our employees with the goal of 'zero harm to people'. We have implemented world-class health and safety policies in our organization, and conduct regular trainings, educational workshops and audits to ensure full adherence to the same.

The attraction and retention of top-class people is an important strategic issue and is reflected in employment conditions and practices throughout the firm. We value diversity and promote equal opportunities in recruitment, employment, development, and retention. This includes non-discrimination on the basis of gender, religion or ethnic origin.

We take people-development seriously and enable our employees gain knowledge and skills to achieve peak performance. We maintain a work environment in which people feel appreciated, know that they are contributing to the creation of value and have the opportunity for professional and personal growth, leading to high employee satisfaction. Our goal is to become a world-class 'Employer of Choice'.


We are dedicated to the continual improvement of our environmental performance with eco-efficiency at the heart of our business. By reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources and energy as well as minimizing waste, we aim to be at the forefront of the drive towards a more sustainable industry.

We offer and promote usage of 'green' (eco-friendly) cementitious materials such as Fly Ash, Slag and Microsilica which are industry by-products. Such materials significantly help in environmental conservation, energy saving and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. We further employ re-usable and bulk packaging wherever possible. In our real estate development business, we consciously use 'green' (eco-friendly) concrete and other products to minimize negative environmental impact. We endeavour to optimize supply chain efficiencies to reduce fuel wastage and emissions. Moreover, we have undertaken re-naturation in and around our facilities and projects to preserve bio-diversity.

We have also adopted the 'green office' model to enhance our eco-efficiency through various thoughtful initiatives like installing energy-saving lights, digitizing and reducing paper-usage, encouraging environmentally-efficient transportation such as car pools, public transport, etc., using bio-degradable materials/ products, minimizing and recycling waste.

Social Responsibility

Businesses cannot thrive where societies fail. Social responsibility is a cornerstone in our business, and we aim to contribute to the communities in which we operate through investment and engagement.

We consider job creation as one of the core elements of our contribution to local economic development. We foster job creation through employment as well as supporting, conducting and sponsoring community training and outreach programs. We also promote job creation by working with and promoting local businesses.

Further, we provide volunteering and development opportunities to our people that benefit local communities. Projects range from environmental clean-ups and medical camps to teaching and tutoring young people and supporting people with special needs. Our people benefit from the opportunity to enrich the lives of others and to interact with their colleagues in a different environment. We also endeavour to protect and support the local community by managing the impact of our work.

Our Directors and executives hold senior committee positions with reputed NGOs. Generous corporate and individual donations as well as sponsorships for community development are also encouraged.