CEMGUARD® Microsilica

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CEMGUARD® Microsilica (Silica Fume)
Densified and Undensified


ASTM C1240
EN 13263
IS 15388

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100,000 TPA


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Export: 18-21 days
Local: 2-4 days
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Technical Documents
  •   Technical Data Sheet
  •   Material Safety Data Sheet
  •   Certificate of Analysis

CEMGUARD® Microsilica (Silica Fume) is a by-product of producing silicon metal or ferrosilicon alloys in smelters using electric arc furnaces. It is a grey coloured powder, pozzolanic in nature. It is sourced from a single, dedicated factory in China and produced under strict quality control to maintain the highest levels of product consistency, and ensure minimum standard deviation. In concrete, it fills the space between cement grains - commonly referred to as particle packing or micro-filling. It also reacts with the calcium hydroxide from cement to form an additional binder called calcium silicate hydrate. Both these effects enhance the physical and chemical properties of concrete.

CEMGUARD® Microsilica is available in two dry powder forms - densified and undensified. Densified Microsilica is most popularly used in concrete construction. It is produced by tumbling undensified Microsilica particles in a silo, to form agglomerates with bulk densities between 500-700 KG/m3. Undensified Microsilica (bulk density between 200-350 KG/m3) is only used in specialized applications as it is not economical to transport because of its low bulk density. Quality-controlled and consistent Microsilica with uniform colour, and sourced from a single, dedicated factory is the key to maximizing its value in various applications. The production facilities of CEMGUARD® Microsilica have an in-house laboratory for testing of key parameters such as retention over SiO2 content, loss-on-ignition and moisture as per standard codes, while bulk density is controlled during the densification process.

CEMGUARD® Microsilica has unique properties that benefit both fresh and hardened concrete. Its key advantages include increased strength and durability as well as enhanced rheology of concrete. CEMGUARD® Microsilica can be used in concrete in two ways - as an addition (generally 8-15% by mass of cement) to enhance properties of the fresh and/or hardened concrete or as a partial cement replacement (5-10% by mass of cement) to maintain the 28-day compressive strength at lower cement content (with associated environmental benefits) while reducing the heat of hydration and improving durability.

Applications of CEMGUARD® Microsilica encompass shotcrete, high-strength & very high strength concrete, triple blend with fly ash, low-heat concrete, tunnels, marine & coastal, tall buildings, dams, floors & pavements, mortars & grouts and self-compacting concrete. It is also used to reduce cost of construction.


  • Net Weight: 800-950 KG
  • High quality, UV resistant PP fabric with heavy duty inner liner for moisture resistance and extended shelf life
  • Swan neck with double layer protection to eliminate ingress of moisture/ water and foreign elements
  • Tamper-resistant packing
  • Economical to transport over long distances and can be easily stored in warehouses
  • Most popular packing option for containerized and break-bulk export


  • Net Weight: 25 KG
  • High quality, UV resistant PP fabric for extended shelf life
  • Tamper-resistant packing
  • Convenient manual handling and mixing on site
  • Can be easily stored in smaller warehouses and sites
  • Economical to transport over long distances
  • Can be containerized for exports


  • Best suited for ready mix concrete plants and large projects with regular consumption
  • Direct delivery to site and discharge into silos, with no double handling
  • Tamper-resistant delivery, therefore no adulteration possible
  • No loss of material and wastage during handling
  • Scheduled delivery, no need to stock inventory
  • Helps optimize working capital

There are so many Microsilica suppliers in the market!

Unorganized traders and exporters have no product knowledge nor any understanding of the business, and rely on price as a weapon to lure customers. Beware, a lower price always comes with compromises and risks. An apparent short-term gain due to lower prices could get wiped out by much bigger losses and long-term damage to the reputation and business of the buyer.

In India, Rice Husk Ash (RHA) is being sold locally and exported as cheap ‘Microsilica’ (Note that authentic Microsilica or Silica Fume is not produced anywhere in India). RHA is not a proven substitute to Microsilica even though it has similar chemical properties. To verify, do a comparative trial mix of high performance concrete with authentic Microsilica and RHA - compare strength gain, RCPT results and durability. RHA could have disastrous effects on concrete and significant construction hazards, perhaps leading to death of people in case the concrete structure collapses!

Please check the following before procuring Microsilica from any supplier:

  • Ascertain whether the product is Rice Husk Ash or Microsilica (Silica Fume
  • 'Valid' long-term supply contract with a single, dedicated source
  • Infrastructure, quality control, bagging systems and warehousing/ logistics set up
  • Quality control process
  • Multiple, periodic independent lab test reports for the last 6 months
  • Detailed bag specifications to see GSM of fabric, weight of bag, liner, lamination, etc.
  • Verifiable sales volumes in past 12 months as proof of regular supplies in local and export markets, backed by genuine customer references
  • Company documents to verify credibility and experience in the business (more the better!)

CEMGUARD® Microsilica is competitively priced but not cheap. Proudly!

De-Bagging of Microsilica

The discharge of big bags into bulk tankers or batching plants is very often problematic, due to lumps created by fine particles due to vibration, ambient humidity, temperature fluctuations and compaction during shipping, transportation and storage.

JAYCEE recommends a simple but effective de-bagging facility to remove lumps, and load bulk tankers/ silos in a dust-free manner. The debagging equipment is furnished with an in-built lump breaker macerating any material containing lumps again into free flowing powder. Two operators are required to man the system and one forklift or Hydra is required to carry the big bags to the lift-up point of the de-bagging station. All large customers and distributors in every territory should install a de-bagging station with in-built lump breaker to have seamless discharge of big bags. JAYCEE can also provide such systems in cases where it is not available locally.

Can Microsilica create cost-savings in construction?

CEMGUARD® Microsilica can create significant cost-savings in construction as follows:

  • Savings associated with the speed of build (due to finishing characteristics)
  • Use of more slender structural elements (such as columns) can lead to more revenue-generating space and potential material cost savings
  • Concrete strength can be tailored to the required strength through the height of a building, which can lead to standardized column formwork throughout the building, simplifying the design and construction process
  • Low permeability protects concrete from chloride and other chemical attacks, in effect protecting steel from corrosion and increasing durability of concrete. This significantly extends the service life of the structure as well as time between repairs
  • In high performance concrete bridges, one can increase span of the bridge, reduce number of girders and section height for a given span
  • In roads, it significantly reduces wear and tear, thus extending service life even under adverse conditions

Environmental Impact of Microsilica

CEMGUARD® Microsilica can offer the following environmental benefits:
  • Use of an industrial by-product which would not otherwise be fully utilized
  • Reduced use of resources (OPC, aggregates, water) and fewer truck movements (through higher strength concrete enabling use of slender slabs and columns and hence less concrete in a functional element than conventional concrete)
  • Increased durability and service life/reduced maintenance burden for the structure (potentially), particularly against abrasion and impact
  • Reduced carbon footprint and embodied impact of concrete

The service life of structures using CEMGUARD® Microsilica is enhanced by more than 100% on account of superior durability of concrete. Since the structure will last longer, no additional raw materials and energy will be required to rebuild or repair it, which is a significant ecological advantage. Microsilica use in concrete qualifies for credit under the U.S. Green Building Council's popular LEED™ rating system for sustainable construction.

CEMGUARD® Superwhite Microsilica

This is specially produced Silica Fume for visual, architectural & decorative concrete. It can be combined with pigments & white cement to produce high performance concrete in a wide range of colours.

Ternary Blends

Triple (ternary) blend concrete made with CEMENT + CEMGUARD® Fly Ash + CEMGUARD® Microsilica has very high performance. The chemical binding of chlorides by Fly Ash (due to its alumina content) works together with the reduced permeability due to Microsilica to protect steel from corrosion and significantly enhance the durability of concrete. Key advantages of triple blend concrete are reduced sensitivity of concrete to effects of insufficient curing, very low chloride permeability, high compressive strength, superior durability and lower life-cycle costs.

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